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HS30 Family Tree


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One thing is for sure, even prior to the Z the family tree was massive.

I have the Car Graphic "Car Watcher's Guide" for Nissan / Prince cars made between 1955 and 1992, and it runs to 335 pages with two or three model versions on some of the pages...........

I would advocate that PRINCE MOTOR CO. products MUST be included as a branch of the family tree.

I've seen engine family trees, as well as family trees by model name ( Bluebird, Skyline, Cedric etc etc ) but never a COMPLETE family tree. I think it would be too massive.

Great idea though. Zedrally, are you volunteering?:classic:

Alan T.

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How about if we look at the small picture first and add to it?

ie S and it's varients with an approx time as a basis for the Zed series. Possibly Kats could assist with correctly aimed questions?

As far as I'm aware there where only 2 Roadster models, would I be right in assuming that these would be the trunk of the "sports" tree?

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Well....I guess a start on paper would be at least a start.

Anyone pasted a Excell sheet [.xls] or Publisher [.pub] file to the group or better still Mod Mike :love: might be able to suggest how to host the tree, seperate file ????

Alan, why not start at the S series, general dates would be OK such as year, unless someone has better knowledge of a more exact build month.

From there we can branch out to HS and HLS etc.

Can we assume the roadsters are the trunk to the sports series?


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You know how we complain about the many errored histories penned about our cars. Makes us wonder how much "Research" the author really did, besides reading the incorrect history published before. The Roadster community has had the same gripe for many years, until 2 years ago. That's when a respected roadster fanatic Phil Brook of Australia published "FairLady", "Japan's First Sports Car". This has been the ONE document the whole community has been able to endorse completely.



I gots me a signed copy!

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Originally posted by 26th-Z


Alan Bent's site worked a few hours ago, but now it doesn't. I had a little time to cruise and it was fascinating. Thanks

It probably got too many hits today!

The site says he's exceeded his bandwidth allocation. Looks like posting an interesting site on this forum is a good way to get it a lot of hits!

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Thought maybe something along these lines.

This originates from an Excel Worksheet. Any idea where I can upload this to on this site so others can download and add to it?


1962? 1965? 69? 1969

Common Roadster 240Z 260Z Name 1500 2000 S-30 HS30 GRS30 S130

[don't know model #]

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I thought this conversation could turn into a really nice gallery of photographs organized in a manner to help us all understand the different models and related cars we discuss. I will be happy to transfer pictures you want to include and build a photo album for all of us.

In MY gallery, the upper left heading shows a Album Gallery labeled "Early Datsun Sports Cars". These are pictures I have collected from other sites and they include some pre-war cars - roadsters. I just added some this morning.

If you like this idea, post pictures you would like to add and I will transfer them to the album. Please state a year - preferably the initial year - and full model title so that we can all have a common name to associate. If you have a better picture of a particular model, post it, and eventually we can edit the gallery for a completed album.

I propose these early cars as the "trunk" or "Stem" of the family tree. I included a Prince, Alan, as you requested, but it is a race car. We can build a sub album of race lineage, if you all like. And if you would like to create a sub album of engines, I submit this:


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My car, referred to as Her Majesty the Twenty-sixth, is a 240 Z constructed in November of 1969. Engine number L24-2338 I can't safely say the twenty-sixth EVER made, certainly the 26th imported into America, but seriously one of the early ones. She is currently under restoration. See my gallery.

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