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Different ashtrays


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I see a lot of people asking about subtle differences between the early cars and the later versions. The conversations about the other foriegn markets and home market development fascinate me. I am fortunate to have an early car with some peculiar pieces. For instance, ash trays.

Very early ashtrays were molded in a dark grey plastic and painted black. The lid handle is solid and has an indent under the lip. My particular ashtray had no chrome screen inside, although a good arguement could be made it was broken off. My lid was also broken. Fortunately, the base has no burns.

Through eBay and classifieds, I bought ashtrays and pieces and combined to make these two examples. One is '69 original and the other is later.


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Notice the grey? This plastic is a peculiar composition. It resembles "Bakelite" an early plastic from the thirties and forties. Turns out, the only glue that will work is superglue. I used a gel format for my work with this plastic. It doesn't dry so fast and allows time to adjust and clamp the repair.


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Great job on your ashtray restoration.

My ashtray is the gray plastic (?) also. It looks as though Nissan had just put these ashtrays on a flat surface with the lid on and shot black paint on the top and sides. The inside lip where the lid rests is half black and half gray plastic due to the quick paint job. Like yours my inside is still the natural gray color. Unlike yours the underside of mine is still the natural gray color.


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The underside of mine is still grey. I'll get better with auto pictures, I promise! Yes, it has "overspray" down the sides and they must have painted it with the lid shut. The early radio face plate is similarly made - painted grey plastic. It resembles a thermoplastic - yes.

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Originally posted by stevemasum

My entire heater control and radio face plates are a grey molded plastic. I don't see any hint of black paint. Anyone else have the same panels?

Yes, I do. Exactly as you stated. The stuff tends to crack.

Sorry for being late, I've been away from my computer for a couple of days.


1971 240-Z

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