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I dunno if this will be of any use...

Dead Roman

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But my father owns one of the best custom powder coating facilities in Texas. any of you guys who want something powdercoated or would like to see pictures of some of the things ive painte (im the head painter) you can talk to me about it or i can give you the phone number up to the shop. we are located in Mexia Texas. I know some of you texas guys might be interested. E-mail or PM me if you have any questions.

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Mexia is about an hour from Waco Texas. We could probably coat a z, but you would have tobrind us the body completey stripped of anything that wasnt metal as we have to put the painted part in an oven(for those of you who dont know how powdercoating works). i would have to know how long a completely dissassembled z car is(you are talking abou tyour z arent you) but we can paint anythihng that is metal. And its guaranteed to be twice as durable and longerlasting that any paint on the market today. We offer any color you would want, even some of the effects paint come in (chropme illusion and color morhing powders) feel free to call us at 888-289-4118 or 254-562-7060 ask for danny or dustin( im dustin)

oh yeah my bad, we are only about 2 hrs from austin.

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Mexia (pronounced 'me-hia') is about 25-30 miles east of Waco. I bet you were even pronouncing it wrong, weren't you!:classic:

Dead Roman, I wish you would have popped up a year or two ago. I was looking to have a few things done back then, but they all have paint on them and I don't have the funds for any thing now. But will keep you guys in mind for later projects.

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