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Got some new pics :)


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Nice Side Shot


Dirty.. but stock engine bay.. all original parts.. even genuine new

Nissan wires... oil filter.. all original :)


Alpine Security.. don't touch


Center Console.. the damn original owner... cut two holes in the center console, for 2 4" speakers... so I put in new ones :(


Alpine Type S speakers...


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Hey I have a question for you. On your center console next to the light you have a red button or display there. What is that? On mine I have a HUGE pull knobs that sticks out and looks god awaful. i was trying to figure out what was supposed to be there.

Is what you have there ( can't tell from the picture ) supposed to be there and if sowhat is it?



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Originally posted by PrOxLaMuS©

that red light is my "Fuel" light... so when I run low on fuel...

it lights up...

also you can't see it on that pic, since my shoft knob is in the way, but it's like that blue square for my defroster and the one you can't see is for the "Fasten Seatbelts"

Hmm, I wonder if I can pick up the fuel light or maybe even the seatbelt one. I will have to figure where it hooks up to though.

I have no idea why they would put in the switch that is there now. basicly all it does it allow the fan to come on. So you have to turn on the fan and heat/AC on the regular controls below then pull this knob out to turn them on. I do not really get it.


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