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been awhile, but I am back


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I have pulled myself out of the Z hunt for a few months. Thought I would do better to concentrate on paying my truck off first, plus it has been raining here in the East non-stop since March. I think my '02 Tacoma is in danger of rusting from all the rain LOL .

Anyway, The truck is paid for, and I got a real nice set of wheels and tires on it, which brings me to where I wanted to be on it. So, it is time to start looking for my Z again.

I happened on a '75 280 that is pretty local to me. It's yellow, so I have to give it a closer look. The price ain't too bad and the owner says that he has not found any rust on the car. Granted, I know there is some to be found on it. He bought it for his wife, and she doesn't drive it, so he decided to sell it. He has the original owners manual, and tool kit. He says it has no mechanical issues, and "runs like a champ".

Here are some pics of it.




Anybody know this car? It lives in the Charlotte, NC area currently. Any major issues with the Fuel Injection from '75?

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Looks pretty good to me.. even if it is yelloooowww....LOL

Be sure to check for rust just like you would and early car though, the 75 I had, had a lot of rust issues just like and early car would. Just because the 280 is a little newer and has slightly thicker metal in the uni-body than say a 70 would, they still are prone to rust in all the same places. One place to check is underside of the floor at the very end of the floor pan frame rail, right where the floor turns up, I've seen many 280's that had rust here.

Dash looks good, bumpers even look good and the rubber ends... those are getting hard to find and expensive to replace.

Nothing major as far as issues with the FI on 75's... anymore than any other year of the 280 at least.:ermm:

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Yellow is an awesome color! I even had a Yellow Xterra for a couple of years. Favorite color of any vehicle I have ever owned. As far as red goes--I've had two in that color, both got wrecked. My other vehicles seem to be a little luckier, so I tend to shy away from red now.

Gonna try and go and see it this weekend (well, week for those of you who have a normal schedule). I'll let you know how it goes.

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I had a '75 280Z back in the mid 1980's. Ran great for me from '82 through '89. 2ManyZ's is right, though. Check for rust. Mine ended up with essentially no inner fenderwell at the left rear. Took off the left rear interior quarter plastic piece, and could see right out of the car through the wheel well. Exhaust fumes were terrible at that point. That's what made me look. FI was great, except the PO had hacked the wiring behind the dash, and after I had the car for a year or so, it caused a short that kiiled the engine and took Datsun 10 days to find and cost $600 (in 1982) to replace the airflow meter and the FI relay. That's not the car's fault, though. Overall it was a nice Z.

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Originally posted by civ104

Hey Smokey,

Do you get both sets of wheels with it, too?

I hope so, the Enkies are OK, but not on this car IMO. I like the black ones, they go better with the look of the car. Only problem is brand new Yokahama tires on the bling bling rims that wont fit the black ones. Oh well, trying to contact him now and see if I can come see it today.

I am hoping this car is not butchered up too much. From what I have gotten so far, it is bone stock, with the only mods being the wheels and tires. The interior is fair to good with only one small rip in the driver's seat. All numbers match. I still can't get over the fact that it has the original radio, and the dash has never been cut into.

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