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Turbo on a carberated engine?


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I had no problems with the carbied L28 turbo setup that I had in my Z. I ran a Holley blue fuel pump with twin 1.75' CD stromburg carbs; had no fuel problems. Not being able to implement an intercooler with the carby setup, I used methanol/water injection to prevent early detonation. Only trouble I had with it was very poor mileage. You can see pics in the members gallery of the setup (It's on page 3 of my pictures if you're interested).

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Yes this is for lower compression.

Flat top carbs are usually good for higher compression engines and a more powerfull stroke, but are not great for emission and therefore not used on cars for that reason unless it's racing :).

I've seen a number of carbed Z's Marc's(mymadz's) was pretty cool when he took me for a drive.

You would usually only use one carbie though not the dual ones.

Back in the 70's you could get kits for the Z there not so popular these days however.

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BTW the L28ET ran a 7:1 compression ratio very safe if you ask me most turbo cars run 8:1 these days.

Most probably this was because of the lack of intercooler on the 280zx.

Let's not forget the 280zx Turbo was an american market car and you all know how hot places like Texas get.

Ping Ping Ping from the traffic lights on a hot day :).

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I've owned a carbed turbo z, what you've got to realize is the set up is a suck through.

ie a side draft weber or su carby sucks air and fuel into the turbo then pumps it into the inlet manifold, in my case a single carb manifold without the carb.

Then turbo fever really sucks you in and you have to have more than one turbo and buy yourself a twin turbo 300 :love: :love: :love: :devious:

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