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  1. I really don’t want to take the chance of tearing interior pulling it back, but really like this brace. Another Life dilemma!!! Haha!
  2. Did you have to pull the vinyl off the tower to install the bottom brace?
  3. Actually, they are Cosmo Racing. Thought it would be fun to try them. Z forums trash them, but BMW and VW Forums praise them. Decent price compared to Ground Control, and no cutting/modifying required, so no huge investment if they suck. :-) Paint is awesome! My guy rocked it! I had all the right colours and decals thanks to my good Friend Ron Carter who did all the research when he built his a number of years ago. (Photos of his car are on this site and I would imagine many on here know him well.) I know he did alot to help Randy Jaffe with his car, as well. My Dream car is getting close to a reality....finally. :-)
  4. Thanks again. Lots to work with here....and I am not feeling as concerned. Blue stopped over for a few hours last weekend and I think we both felt pretty confident that it was not structural and we will work it out. We worked out a reassembly plan for the car....so I am getting very excited about moving forward on the project, and finally finishing it. :-)
  5. Urethane bushings.....and stock (for now, anyway). The Springs were front to back backwards. DOH! The car is sitting much better now, but still seems high on the driver's side. (front and back) Although I was out-of-line with John (thanks for setting me straight everyone).....I am going to take his advise and see how it sits after all the weight is in it. I think he is correct that there is likely no structural issue. As I mentioned, the body panels and doors line up better than ever.
  6. I will take some better photos of how it is sitting.....but I do want to share my excitement of 10 years. :-) The car is actually sitting better now than in this photo. Springs were backwards in this one.
  7. Hey John, If your comment was made as a joke....I apologize for missing it. It is not always easy to read the intended tone of a comment. Yeah, it's been 10 years. 10 agonizing years....and it would be even more agonizing if anything structural was off. That would kill me at this point. Anyway....lots of good info here. Thanks to ALL. Look forward to having you over BLUE. :-)
  8. Thanks to all but John. It never ceases to amaze me how there is always one person on a forum that feels the need to belittle other member's questions. If you don't like the question...ignore it. (which is what I should likely be doing regarding your response.....but I dislike Bullies and people who feel brave behind a keyboard) The stance is off enough that if it is due to a structural issue, it would make more sense to deal with it before the car is fully assembled. I turn to this Forum in case anyone else has had similar issues and would be kind enough to share their knowledge. No sense trying to reinvent the wheel. Chances are that it will right itself once assembled....and I am finally behind the wheel again. :-)
  9. Hi all, Sorry if this has been asked, and answered, before. I did a search, but did't see it. I am in the final phases of a 10 year resto project on my '73. It should be very exciting, but I have hit a head scratcher. The car is still without the glass, interior, exhaust, manifolds, carbs, etc.....so still has some weight to come, but it is sitting pretty uneven. The driver's side of the car is almost an inch higher than the passenger side. I have new Tokico blues in it.....with the Suspension Techniques lowering springs I put in it about 14 years ago. The car was only driven sparingly in the summer and has been apart for 10 years now....so I expect the springs to be fine. It also sat with a nice squat when it was all taken apart. I started to panic that maybe the new rails had somehow been put in slightly off, but the gaps on all the body panels have never been better. Doors, fenders, hood are probably better than factory. The car saw two different body guys over the project, and the one who didn't do the rails believes them to be good. I know that without a jig....there are no guarantees, but the panel gaps are MUCH better than when it was taken apart. Anyone else come across this before their cars were completely assembled? Should I stop worrying and just get the car together and take it from there? I just figured it wouldn't hurt to get some input from those who may have been through this. Perhaps you will make me feel worse....but better to face it. Thanks, Eric
  10. 1973 240z. Of course, it has '72 donor parts...most notibly, the su's!! However, I am in the middle a ground up restoration. Car is totally stripped...and was just soda blasted to bare metal last week. VERY daunting, this whole restoration business. Taking apart is easy....putting back together....!? :eek: Zedguy
  11. Zedguy

    Interior View

    Looks Great! Just wondering about your gear knob; it looks to be mahogany like the wheel? Did you buy it like that....or have it refinished? Zedguy
  12. I put up my experience on the twice pipes on the 'Reviews' section of the site about a year ago. Check it out for more detail if you want. I will say this, I love my twice pipe setup! Yes, it's pretty loud under full throttle! Is it ricer buzzy? Absolutely NOT! Will you like it? Who knows. Depends on what you want. I always say that it is a personal thing. Exhaust can give your car that last bit of personality. It's up to you what you want it to be. I wanted late '60's supercar sound. Got it! Car nuts always want to know what I have under the hood and comment on how great the car sounds. The rumble at idle is amazing....and I definately felt a difference in power after it was installed. FWIW, Zedguy
  13. Hey Inline6, You asked this a few posts back, and I'm finally answering. The pipes on my dual exhaust are 1 3/4". Plenty big when going dual....and I get NO evil resonation at high RPMs!! (I was worried about that!!) Also, my pipes come out side-by-side at the stock exit point. Had to have the hole custom cut to accomodate. Zedguy
  14. I have to say, the exhaust has to be one of the most fun additions to your Z!!! I know I've posted this before, but I really believe it: It defines the personality of your Z!! My dual system? -3 into 2 Header -twice pipe system customized. Cut off the 'collector pipe' and ran each pipe into the header. (3 cylinders per pipe) -twin glasspacks at the rear. I love the rumble at idle!! I love the roar under load!! To me, it sounds like a classic '60's supercar!!! (I've even had people comment the same....so I accomplished what I set out to do) Zedguy
  15. OOOOOO...I'm looking forward to hearing that!!! I have a dual setup on mine.....and love it!! Zedguy
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