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After forgetting what is was like to actually drive a working Z car I have a few little questions after finally getting one on the road again.

Is there any way to stop the shock/kick/clunk of the diff when shifting? We get a similar isue in our Z31 but its more pronounced in the 260Z.

The spings in the clutch I beleive are meant to absorb the shock down the driveshaft so would alterning these help?

What about a new rubber diff mount to replace the existing strap?

Also what is the soft whirring/whinning noise from the gearbox when you slide the gear in when downshifting? I remember one of my other Z's did this and my new one just reminded me.

Hardly technical and possobly stupid questions, but they are on my mind all the same :)

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It's usually always a ripped rubber diff mount, leaking diff oil makes them go soft.

I noticed on my race car someone has welded a rod to the front of the mount, between the inner & outer metal.

Could be a solution :geek:


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Some use a metal strap looped over the diff nose with a couple of generic rubber bump stops inside which restrict movement, in conjunction with a good stock front mount. The strap uses the same bolt locations as the stock fabric loop.

This setup works well yet preserves the anti vibration characteristic of the stock mount.

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The whining noise could be the differential also there is a reason for them making that noise.

When I was at Zworx the guy who does the Z31 Turbo half shaft conversion into the S30's told me he knew how to eliminate that noise.

Apparently some holden diff Guru knew the solution to fix that noise and he was gonna do the Z31 half shaft conversion for me until I got broke :).

Still something I'd like to fix in future.

If the gearbox is making excessive noise it could be the bearings have worn out.:disappoin .

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