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Wireing Problems Questions and seeing if anyone has parts? Kind of long but plz read!


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Ok I have a 1973 240Z with an L28 in it I was driving down the road when it died and smoke came from the engine compartment. What I think happened is my altinator when bad and It then fried 2-3 wires the red and white one and a solid white one Both very big wires. So this is what I have done so far obviously I have a new altinator (is the voltage Reg in it??) and I have pulled the Dash out because It burn in places all the way to my Votage gage in the dash. So here is the ??? what should I do

1. take the whole wireing harness out and run those 2 wires new (would not cost to much but would be a bit or work.)

2. Get a whole Wireing harness and put it in.(this seems like an easier way but probably more expensive. but still complex to get all the connectors right.


I would like to put a new harness In but I dont know where to get one and How much one would be so if anyone know where or has one plz respond

Also I probably need a new Voltage Gage does anyone have one or know a good place to get one How much should I expect to pay.

This is my first major repair on a Z for me so I dont know where to get parts and stuff like that.

Plz respond with any Info to this post or you can email me directly pmoodey@hpbstore.com also If anyone like electrical work I got plenty of it LOL haha (its better to laugh about it than get mad)

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Ouch! First off, if you have the stock alternator the voltage regulator should be mounted on the inner fender near the strut tower. It's a rectangular box that mounts with 2 screws down near the frame rail.

Second, if the wiring harness is burned so badly that it burned wires under the dash you probably will be better off replacing the wiring harness instead of trying to unwrap it and fix what has been burned. You might end up doing it anyway since it may have melted the insulation of the wires it was bundled with. You could end up replacing one wire after another. It is quite a bit of work to do, but it could save you from making one repair after another.

Check the Sale Forum here, you may be able to buy the parts you need from someone who is stripping a car. One word of caution, if your car is a 73 make sure the harness you get is for a 73 as there are quite a few differences between each year of car. Some parts can swap from one to another but others can't due to changes in the connectors.

I don't know of anyone who sells new wiring harnesses, perhaps someone else does or you could look through the links pages here.

Of course when you get the harness changed you should change the regulator and possibly the alternator, as something caused this to begin with.

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Find a boneyard and either get them to pull the wiring harness off a vehicle with a manufacturing date very close to yours or see if they'll allow you to do it. The first option is usually more expensive cause you need to pay them for their time, the second is BEST cause that way you can see the way it is mounted in the car, where it feeds in and out of and also how it connects to all the components.

You might contact ZCARSOFARIZONA@AOL.COM I've been told he has a reputable yard.

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I have just started rewiring my car from the ground up, i ordered new wire (biger then the stock stuff) new waterproof connectors and some plastic looming stuff. So far i did everything from the firewall forward and have had no problems, it is more of a time consuming job then a hard one. I am doing this for much the same reason you are, at some point the fog light wires in my harness melted and so every wire forward of the radsupport was sealed in one big block of melted rubber and i had melted wires all the way back to the headlight switch. If you want i can tell you what i orderd and how i did it so far. you can e-mail me any questions you have.

Good luck.

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