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Center dash panel


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The last time I checked, about two years ago, they are no longer available new. I was going to replace mine because it was less than perfect, but had to use it because I could not locate a new one. So, if you run across one.....grab it up. If not, you may try refurbishing your old one. Good luck! By the way, mine is a 1970.

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i refurbished mine, i used some vinyl dye on it (it had red overspray all over it) which dyed the paint and plastic (im not sure why this stuff works on plastic, but so far ive had success with it, im using an aresol from NAPA). i would suggest you do this, if your chrome is still intact, if the thing is busted up, then you could look into going the machined-piece route, ive seen a few of these and am planning to do this myself when the time is right.

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I have thought about making my own I was hoping to find one that isn't broken,cracked, or otherwise destroyed. The PO hacked this one up to put in a p.o.s. cd player:angry:

I have a 76 280 parts car with A/C,

I don't know if they are. If someone else knows, please speak up

Thanks for the responses

David H

'72 240Z

Sill stock but working on it?

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The parts fiches list 5 different panels up to '73, with a break at 7/72. Then, after 10/73, it's a whole nother fiche, and the part number is different and the drawing looks pretty different. I don't think a '76 finisher will work in a '72, although I don't really know. I'd get a picture and compare - that ought to tell you.

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