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need info about worth of 1971 240z and what wheel types were sold by datsun

looking for a z

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Hi ,

I need to know how much a 1971 204z with a build date of 7\70 with 50,000 original miles would be worth? I also would like to know what rim and mags were sold as fatrory equipment? Did they make a mag with a wire wheel insert and spinner? If so can the wire part be bought?

thanks looking for a z

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Depending on the condition of the car and completeness, an original, with that low mileage, could be worth in the $10,000 range. Perhaps more. Thoroughly check for rust, post a bunch of pictures, and let us have a look.

That early of a build date probably came with steel wheels and hubcaps. The spun aluminum mags like mine were considered a standard dealer add-on in those early days. I have seen them on Ebay recently for around $100 a set. There is an aluminum wheel listed in the parts fiche 40300-N3225 that is commonly known as the star wheel, 5-1/2"x14" for that period car. As far as I know, wire wheel inserts were not Datsun.

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thanks for the info. The owner is 67and told me that the wheels were on the car when the car was bought new the car was his wifes mothers and has been in the family since new. It has had some work done to it by a company in co called wheels ot time, llc. I talked to the guy that did the work on the car. He said the car is in awsom shape. I am now waiting for a inspection report by a company that i found in autotrader. Do you know of a web site that would have pictures of the factory wheels. Also how can i get my hands on dealer installed a\c unit. How do i attach pictures?



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None of the Z cars had a factory option of wire wheels. From the factory, the cars came with steel wheels and hubcaps or the aluminum optional wheels. There are several styles of factory optional wheels they typically changed every couple of years or so. A lot of the cars came with steel wheels and the dealerships would install locally available mag wheels to increase profits on the sale of the car. So the gentleman is probably correct they came with the car from the showroom but they were not put on at the factory.

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