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  1. 280Zone


    Not sure what the story is on the car but let me know if you are interested in selling those wheels.
  2. If anyone is interested I have some available. Most for 280's but one for a 240.
  3. I have a set of Motorsports lowering springs if you are interested.
  4. http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=101130
  5. Does this car have enough suspension left so i could tow it with a car dolly?
  6. Just giving you a hard time. I understand the quest for those elusive parts, I did a lot of seaching for 1973 Trans Am parts at one time. I just checked and you are correct, mine are 10mm. I'll keep my eyes peeled for you though. Robert
  7. I have a riveting tool and rivets, but as a previous poster identified they will not be exactly the same as 70's Nissan rivets.
  8. I have some on my 75 you can have. Will you be at the next meeting? Robert
  9. Yesterday but got no reply. I am also still interested, if they are still available. I'd even come to pick them up.
  10. A few of our Club members have contacted him directly and I would guess have purchased the cars outright.
  11. I have some for a good price too. Drop me an email if things fall through on the other deal.
  12. Littleren, Let me know what wheels you are looking for. I have a few "extra" sets and some odd ones and I am local. Robert
  13. Have a wiper motor, email me direct at 280Zone@cox.net
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