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What Z Car(s) was this rear sway bar on


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Howdy folks,

I don't think any 240/260/280Z's came stock with a 20mm diameter rear sway bar, but I could be wrong. By the shape it looks like a 260Z/280Z rear sway bar. From what I can tell in the US the first cars to come with a stock rear sway bar were the late '73 240Z's. I believe it was slightly redesigned for the 260/280Z bodies. As far as I can tell the 260Z - '76 280Z were the same. I haven't seen a '77 - '78 280Z rear bar but I expect it was the same as the earlier 280Z's.

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Thanks for the info. I can say that this bar doesn't fit up to a mid year 73'. The bar that fits has a kick out on the back side to clear the diff. Do all the early series Z's (260, 280) have this type of sway bar with the kick in it? or will the one attached fit one of these cars. It seems that it would hit the diff on these cars unless there is a difference in the rear ends on each these models.


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The one you have pictured looks to me like the one in the late 260Z/280Z which does not have the "kick out" you mention for the diff. I believe the mount location on the unibody changed which is why the later bar does not hit the diff when installed in the correct cars. The 260Z still has the same R180 diff as your 240Z but the 280Z's had R200 diffs but both use the same diff mount, I even think the insulator is the same, as your late 240Z. Okay, the mustache bar is a little different too.

The only thing I am not really sure about is the early 260Z. I mean, I know that the early 260Z body is very similar to the 240Z and the late 260Z is more like the 280Z body. But this might suggest that the early 260Z has the same swaybar and swaybar mounts as the late 240Z. However, that being said I seem to remember looking at an early 260Z that had the later 280Z style swaybar and mounts. What can I say, as many of us have found the US 260s had a little of all three (240/260/280) in it!

Hey beandip! If you are listening, any of this sound familiar? :)

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Datsun lists a rear stabilizer bar starting 8/73 - 55611-E8100 and starting 9/74 - 55611-N3701 but they don't say what size the bar is.

Another part search reveals: (to 8/74)

55611-E4200 - 19mm

55611-E4621 - 21mm

55611-E4622 - 25mm

Also listed is the mounting kit - 99996-E4010 and the end links 99996-E4020

The bars list for $150 each, and each installation kit lists for $30

Bushings are listed also: 54613-66000 - $194 ea. 2 req'd

Courtesy Parts - Texas http://www.courtesyparts.com/

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Royce Here I am ! I put a early 260 sway bar on my Late '73 240. The 260 I found was built 9/73 . My 240 was built 8/73 , and has the brackets on the body . The difference in the sway bars on the early '74s is they have two bends in the bar as it crosses the car and it allows the bar to clear the differential. I dont know at what point the sway bar changed to a stright one but I have seen at least 6 that have the bends . but only one that I could get. So if your 240 has the brackets and you want to find a bar look for a early 260. By the way all the end links are the same length . Dipper

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