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1970 original 240z for sale


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I have a really nice 1970 Z (along with 3 other cars) that i never have time to drive....88,000 miles, blue, garaged....thinking of letting it go, but don't know what it's worth, where to sell it, etc. Any suggestions? Marilyn

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Hi Marilyn:

It's worth about five hundred bucks. Send me your address and I'll have a truck pick it up and drop off the cash;-)

Seriously - 90% of the Value of a 240-Z in most cases is related to the condition of the body. The first thing you have to know for sure - is there any rust damage, if so, how much and where. You need to get it out of the garage and have some service shop put it up on a lift for you. Then YOU need to get under it and inspect every inch of the undercarriage yourself. Don't let some prospective buyer tell you what is or isn't there...

Then you need to get clear, detailed, close up, digital photos of the undercarriage, the rear wheel arches, the rear deck lid underside lip, the threshold plate that the deck lid closes down on. You also need to get clear digital photo's of the area under the Battery tray (yep -remove the battery). All these area's any serious buyer will what to see clear digital photo's of before they travel hundreds of miles to inspect the car. This is the fastest way to get serious buyers to come see your car.

How long has it been since you drove it last? Get the radiator cleaned and replenished with Antifreeze/summer coolant, get the oil changed, get the brakes checked (don't fix anything just know what condition they are in so you can give honest answers). If it runs now - take it out and drive it for at least 30 minutes at highway speed -then drive it around town for at least 30 minutes. Be sure that when a prospective buyer comes to look - it's really READY TO SELL.

A clean, rust FREE 1970 240-Z with only 88K miles (documented by the way)..in the condition one would expect a low mileage car to be in - no major dents, shinny chrome, clear glass, good tires, shinny ORIGINAL paint (or a very high quality repaint in the original color) should easily bring $6,500.00 to $7,500.00.

The price goes down rapidly - for cracked dash, trashed interior, major dings and scratches, dead paint/repaint of low quality, color changes where the engine compartment hasn't been redone or is blacked out etc. The price goes down rapidly if the car hasn't been started and driven in the past two years, runs poorly, won't shift, has rust and gum in the fuel system, has brake cylinders that hang up and won't release (the car won't roll on a very sight incline, or comes to a stop quickly when allowed to coast)... In these cases the car needs expensive work - and the value goes down to the $4,500.00 to $5,500.00 range.

RUST - in the frame rails, in the rear wheel arches, under the battery tray (rust holes through the inner-fender wells, firewall) etc etc RUST in the floorboards, in the lower front fenders etc etc. - - SERIOUS RUST damaged, regardless of mileage will put it in the $2,500.00 to $3,500.00 range. (no sweat with very minor surface rust).

As you can see - $2,500.00 to $7,500.00 is quite a range... so YOU need to know for sure exactly - the condition of all the details. On the other hand, with the value of a dollar today - a thousand dollars one way or the other isn't earth shaking. You don't want to give it away - but you do want to grab CASH BUYERS - they are getting hard to come by today. REMEMBER - you will have to find a CASH BUYER.. no bank financing on that car - so no dreamers, no tire kickers...

Let me know what you find - I do hear from people that are looking for nice cars and who do have the cash to buy them if the price matches the condition of the car. (e-mail me at the address below)

good luck,


Carl Beck

Clearwater,FL USA

IZCC #260


[email protected]

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