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Z plans for the 4th weekend?


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Anyone have grand Z plans for the long weekend? I do. I figure, if I can get 8 hours total between now and Monday morning, I can strip the undercoating and re-install both front fenders and then prime the entire car. That is my goal. Any extra will be spent dropping the diffy and susp off this POS 73 in my garage so I can GET IT OUT OF HERE AND GET MY WIFE OFF MY CASE!!!!! (Keith, you are so lucky)

Anyone else have Z plans?


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Been preparing the passenger side floorpan for POR (inside and outside) Stripped paint off last week, Marine-Cleaned and Metal-Ready applied today. Friday, 2 coats of POR15 inside and out. Saturday, apply ChassisCoat Black inside and out. Sunday, rest and get ready to assemble rebuilt L24 engine.

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Well, I managed to get both fenders on and primed and the undercoating removed from the wells, the hood installed and primed, both doors installed and primed, the interior primed, and began puttying a little here and there. Rolled it out in the sunsine and let it BAKE all day long. This is starting off as a very productive weekend!!! At this rate I will be driving it by...um.... well.........Christmas?


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