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steering coupler bolts 72 240


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I am putting my steering column back in. Wondering which way the coupler bolts go.  My pictures prior to taking the car apart show the nuts towards the steering rack. When I look at the parts diagram it shows the nuts towards the firewall (#30,31,32). Just trying to figure out where my nuts go 🙂


Screenshot 2023-03-02 161801.jpg

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Here is a screen grab from a video I took prior to disassembly for my current resto.


Also the FSM is your friend, here's an image from my 1970 FSM, steering section. The 72 FSM shows the same orientation.



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FYI on these bolts, two of them are quite fussy to remove/install and would be impossible to do in the OE orientation if you don't use the correct JIS head bolts. If DIN bolts with larger hex heads were substituted they would need to be reversed. Not that anyone should be making substitutions when it comes to steering bolts. Just my two cents worth.

Steering coupler bolts.jpg

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Thanks for the replies. I have found a couple of instances when the parts manuals didn't match what I thought was correct. I guess the FSM is the better document. I only use JIS hardware, and let me tell you, I have had to replace a lot of hardware that wasn't correct! I took a ton of spare hardware and had it replated along with other stuff. Between that and Belmetric it has been invaluable. 

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