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my car has a strange wobble to it like one of the wheels were bent or somting. but wheni drive on the freeway, u cant really notice it. its when u drive slow that u notice it the most. what can it be?

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Could be a faulty tyre. I had an old car that had a lump in the tyre that did exactly the same thing. you only noticed it when going slow, like pulling up to a set of stop lights.

Could also be tyres out of alignment or balance, but that would probably get worse the faster you go. Does you steering whell shake.

Could be a bent rim also.

I'd have it professionally looked at by tyre/suspension guys.

You dont want to be driving down the freeway at 60mph and have a tyre blow out.

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I've noticed recently my car has a similar issue.

When I reverse out of my driveway and turn the steering wheel all the way to one side when I get onto the street as the car moves I can feel a like skipping as if something was broken or worn out.

I've replaced my tie rods, most front end bushes, and ball joints. I have no idea the wheels seem to be of good pressure and I had it balanced recently and there was no problem till about 2 weeks after.

Can't work it out and am really unsure car drives fine at higher speeds other than manoeuvering speeds.

I do have a rear tyre that get's flat because of a nail stuck in it which i'm gonna be taking care of but I'm pretty sure it still happens after I've just pumped it back up so don't think it's that.

Also it's been like that for a while.

I haven't been hitting into kerbs or doing anything silly to damage the rims either.

Unless someone drove my car when I didn't know which really could not of happened to my knowledge.:sleepy:

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here is a list of things to check.

suspension parts ie

tie rod ends, ball joints, tc rod, bushings, wheel bearings

check the tire for being

out of round, wheel damage, balance, lost balance weights

check your steering rack for play as well, and the associated bushings, and of course make sure your wheel is attached properly

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