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280z Split Moon Roof HELP


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Hey everyone!

       My 1977 280z has the infamous split sun rooves from a dealership. I know they are extremely undesirable (I am not restoring my car to make a profit) to collectors, but they are so practical I absolutely want to keep them. Anyways, as some of you may know I just got my dome light working. As it turns out, my car has a second light alongside the dome light that perfectly lights up the interior (I never once noticed this light until it I fixed the dome light). 

I can't seem to find much written material on these rooves, and even less photos, but it looks like my interior is missing some sort of trim piece that covers the bare aluminum and light. Does anyone have any photos of what this piece should look like?

I provided photos, thank you in advance! If you have one that you could sell that would be even a bigger plus😁






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Sorry I can't help you with the missing piece.  That said, the shape looks simple enough to fabricate something out of frosted acrylic plexiglass.  Besides, any original replacement would probably be pretty weathered and old enough to join AARP. 

If you go that route, I suggest switching to an LED bulb that will run cooler and disperse light better.  My guess is that the original cover was ruined by the heat given off by the incandescent bulb over time.      

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Well that is precisely what I am looking for, thank you!!! I didn't even know that auction website exists. Now I do:)

How odd that my car was supposed to come with two lights. I now think that someone in the past removed the light fixture trim peice, then removed that forward bulb and mounting bracket. Otherwise, it's pretty hard for something like that to disappear not on purpose. 

Well now the scavenger hunt begins😎. Has anyone seen any parts cars anywhere lately with the split moon roofs? Looks like I am on the hunt for the bulb mounting bracket, and the fixture. 

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17 hours ago, ckurtz2 said:

didn't even know that auction website exists.

It should be called BVA-"veiling" but we dutchies like a bit of english to do popular! "popyjoopies" 😉   BVA auctions is a Dutch "veiling"site.

I knew only 1 car that had that option (sunroof) ..  it had 2 glass pieces but no lighting at all. just a satin black cover (flat) for as far i can remember.. i think that is a good solution for you.. and if you find a original lighting armature you can always go back.. but i don't think you find that any time soon. 😢

Datsun 280Z Sport Coupé 169pk 1976, 88-YD-81 - BVA Auctions - online veilingen (bva-auctions.com)

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