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Hi all, I am looking for some input on detailing my engine. It is a stock L24 and I want to buff out anything that will shine and paint the block. Headers are also a thought. I need your opinions on the best products and procedures. C'mon now...everyboby has one..........an opinion, that is!!!! Just trying to get ready for the New Hampshire Z Car National show. Thanks for all your help,Tom

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A paint brush with long soft bristle, compressed air, the cleaning solution simple green and warm water. After a cleansing some items may not need any further attn. Also, bring some detailing supplies to the show.

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Clean, Clean, Clean!

Block paint - CDM makes a good match in spray cans. To apply it whithout taking the engine out, or everything off, spray the paint on a paper plate, then brush it on with a foam brush. Buy a bunch of the foam brushes, as the paint dissolves them.

Plated parts - I've slowly but surely replaced every Zinc dichromate plated part in my engine room. Before that, I used Eastwoods "Golden Cad System" with some success. It doesn't "really" match a true plated finish, But it doesn't look bad.

Keeping it clean - Maguire's "Quick Detail" is now a permanate part of my tool kit. It works great on the inner fenders and firewall, removing the grease in the seams and pores, sealing it up as well.

My engine looks ok,

my engine

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Yes, That's the stock U.S. Left mirror. I bought a new one for the drivers side, then I polished up the old one and hated to waste it, so I mounted it on the passenger side. It gets more attention at Z shows than any other feature on the car. It's not a very good right side mirror, because it's flat, the field of veiw is too narrow to be effective. So, I stuck on a 3'' stick-on convex mirror.

If you look at my car from dead ahead, you'd see that the mirrors don't match in the attachment angle. If you have a buddy down-under, the stock R.H.D. mirror will perfectly match the angle of our Lefty. And, visa versa for ours for them. Sounds like a mirror exchange program is warrented.

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Long ago, I contacted a supplier in OZ to inquire about getting one. As I recall, he could get me used one, for a very high price. Can't remember exactly, but I think it was over $100.

IT would be a great idea to do a 1 for one swap with someone from down under, so you would not have to deal with exchange rates.

Just a thought. I don't think I want one now though.


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Good luck finding a RHD mirror here in Australia. I looked for a while for a used one and eventually got one from a friend of min who was wrecking his 2+2 out due to a collision.

The mirrors are VERY hard to find here. I understand that they are available from All-Z Parts in Sydney new.


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