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Wood steering wheel


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Dan's steering wheel in storage for the last 15 years is going to be your best bet. (sorry for butting in)

The reason I'm telling you that is that the "wood" on the steering wheel is actually a stylized type of plastic. It looks nice and even has that "grain" of real wood, but it is in fact, plastic. A steering wheel that has been in storage and not exposed to the UV rays of the sun as well as the heat of the day, is going to be in better condition than one that hasn't. Additionally if you choose to restore it, as explained in the article in Sport Z Magazine, a steering wheel that hasn't had years of grime put on it, is going to look sharper than one that's been in constant use.

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Got your reply. Make me an offer.

Otherwise I will get back to ya on how much in the next few days. This will be my first Z part I ever sold, so I have no idea what it goes for.

I read the reply from EScanlon and I believe he is correct on that the steering wheels are actually not wood, but a type of plastic with a wood-grain look. However, it shouldn't matter as the important thing is - it is the original.

As for it being in storage, the steering wheel has only been used a few years, as I am the 2nd owner of the car and bought the car from the original owner (whom I still have contact with) somewhere around 1978. The original owner installed the racing steering wheel and gave me the original one (as well as a few other original items like wheel covers) in a box. I just put the box into my attic. So I am a little off on my original guess of 15 years. It is more like 24 years+/- in storage.


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