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1973 240z Racecar Forsale Australia


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Hi all

Unfortunatly its time to sell my Racecar as I have other comitments and havent got time to race at the moment.

This is the quickest most reliable Racing Z in Victoria. It laps Phillip Island race track in 1:47. The specs are as follows:

Datsun 240Z 1973

L28 2.9ltr motor

Triple 45 webbers jetted for AVGAS

custom extractors and exhust

brass button clutch

oil cooler

R200 LSD

4 spot front calipers

new hawk race pads

new skyline vented front discs

16 x 10 dunlop slicks all round

full roll cage

5 point harness and race seat

fiberglass: guards, bonnet, spoiler and hatch

also spare fibreglass g-nose and guards

cams log book

this is all I can think of at the moment. The car is a full race car and not suitable for conversion back to a road car

In 2002 the car won the 3ltr and came 5th outright in the Vicroian state race series in the sportscar class please email e for more info


Ashley 0418508756


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Wish I had $20K but my missus prefers to spend it on a new house:cry:

PS - She has allowed me a 3rd garage so that I can work on the Zed without spilling oil and grease in the main garage:love:


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Lovely car, if it wasn't half a world away I might try to find a way to buy it.

Just curious if you race wheel to wheel and if this car is competitive where classed. Here the Z's are pretty fair shakes in the fairly stock "IT" class but are not so great in the more highly modified classes due to restrictions.(thanks to the SCCA)

Good luck with the sale!

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The car is fairly competitive in the modified under 3 ltr class . infact it kicks arse the z is the best uder 3ltr na car around I reckon. The alfas, clubmans and even the small cap porsches couldnt beat me. Infact (warning I may be braging a bit hear) event the 3.1 ltr z that had all the bells and whistles couldnt touch my car. Just to give you an idea around the phillip island curcuit the other z cars were doing 1:55 sec laps and I managed a 1:47 with an apparently inferiour car go figure. Alot of peolple told me when I brought the car 3 yrs ago that you needed all these special bits to get the car to go fast and you had to get the engine built specialy with forged pistons and dino the car and have the shockers special set up etc etc. I built my own engine with A$200 pistons and setup the car in the garage at home with a tape mesure and bit of wood and ended up last year beating all the V8 cars and finishing 5th outright behind 4 2002 spec turbo porsches. If anyone ever tells you a z doesent kick arse for value/speed and ease of working on then dont both speaking to them any more.


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I thought my prayers had been answered for a second!

I'm looking for something to race in the Classic Adelaide, Targa Tassie, East Cost Classic and eventually the Targa NZ. I thought I'd found it but this car has the opposite problem to most I find.

It's had too much done to it to qualify!

I'd love to buy it and race anyway but that's just tooooo much to play with.


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