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deceleration smoke


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I have a 75-280 w/91K on it. Got it 2 months ago from So.

California. Have spent time getting it tuned,timed,etc and it

runs real good.

But has developed oil smoking real bad on a long decelaration

mode like coasting down a hill.

Have done compression check twice, range from 150 to 125

or 130 in #'s 4 and 6. Vacuum is 16"/HG .

I adjusted the valves(1st time), no noticiable change.

It does not smoke on start up.

So what do you all think?? Valve stem seals or lower end

IE: rings:cry:

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It sounds as though you are sucking oil past your valve guide seals. At 91,000 miles the seals are likely a bit worn. Well, at least it keeps the top end lubed. Seriously, it won't hurt anything but the environment. So quit decelerating.....keep it WFO!!! Keep enjoying your toy......until you must overhaul.

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I'm sure my car is burning oil through the valve stem seals and I would like to replace them because replacing the oil at regular intervals might be good for the car but I'd rather have as much oil in their as possible.

Just my 2 cents.

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valve stem seals usually show smoke at start up. When you do a compression check squirt some oil in the cylinder first and see if it improves the reading . If it changes nothing look to valve seals if

it improves, look to rings.

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Just a thought , is this a manual or a automatic trans. ? Whey you decellerate you are drawing max vacume , check the vacume line from the automatic tranny if you have one. If there is oil in the line the vacume shift diafram is shot and you are burning tranny fluid. Just another possability.

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