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Getting Desperate

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Ok I know this should be in the classifieds, but I tried it there and the I only got responses from every foreign and domestic scammer. Some who have been members for only 2 or 4 hours. Anyway...I've been looking for a left front fender for a 73 240Z for about the last year and a half.  I wasn't really too worried about it because I had plenty of other things to do on the car and was sure something would turn up by the time I needed it.  It hasn't.  I'm approaching the point where it's going to bring my entire restoration project to a halt.   If anyone has a usable left front fender they can part with please contact me.  I'm not looking for one in pristine condition, just something I can work with. I do need the front portion that connects to the headlight and fender extension to be in good condition.  Even if I can find one that is good from the front of the fender to about 18" back towards the door I could probably section my existing fender and weld them together.  Fender with dings, dents and light to moderate rust OK,  


Paul (z3beemer)

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I have a number of fenders, most have some rust issues down near the bottom mount by the dog leg. If you only need a front top half I should be able to help. 

Shipping is farther from me than Jim2^^, so if he has one that would be less expensive to ship. 

If not then let me know and I will provide pic's and info. 

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