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Precious comes out

1 Bravo 6

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:love: :love: :love: :love:

O.k. you lot,

I've uploaded some more pics.

Due to technical difficulties, I didn't enlarge the photos .

Fortunately, I know you lot are all finger clickin' good.

O.K, dish it out, I can take it.


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inside and out except for two things

one LEARN how to USE YOUR SCANNER!!ROFL :stupid:

second and i really hate to say it because its such a beautiful car, but its just that its, well, automatic

in any event its a great looking Z

drive on:D

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yes i do catch a LOT of flack for the ZXT but hey i like it its fun fast and rides worse then a 240 on coil overs LOL.

love a car that rides the road like a tank and handles like its on rails

now if i had a 240Z to put this engine in ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM:love:

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:stupid: :stupid: :stupid:

Duh, gee tanny, do ya tink dat might be why it's so 'ard ta drive?ROFLLOLROFLLOL

Looks like I'm just going to have to reverse the negative in future to keep tanny happy.

You've just taken the hit and miss out of me tanny. You're a fast learner mate, keep up the good work. We'll turn you into an honorary Aussie yet.


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I'll have to put some photos of my z in my gallery at some point here so that it can be raked over the coals. I'll wait till later this summer after it gets it's paint job and before my son thrashes it. It's nothing too special, but the three webers look nice, the dash is uncracked, minilite wheels, and the steering wheel's on the left side. Only thing that doesn't work is, you guessed it, the clock. It also has that "climbing out of a hole" look that comes from new springs on the front and old ones on the back. Kind of like a P-51 Mustang. Victor.

Not sure if I should name the car. The most common thing I have called it during restoration has been "son of a b----" and "c--- sucker", but those don't seem appropriate for casual conversation.

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