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I am thinking of fitting a Nitrous Kit to my car for more performance, what do you think?

The car is quick already as I have fitted a L28 skimmed and polished the head and fitted a stage 2 cam and triple Webers and a big exhaust. But I want more BHP.

Any comments?

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Sounds interesting, but at the same time it sounds scary. Does anyone make a kit specifically for a Z?? Probably not. So you would be making educated guesses as to how far you can go.

You should be able to get away with 100hp or less with little trouble. You would probably have to fit a different fuel pump with a higher volume for sure, then tinker with the timing to get it right. Detonation with nitrous can be deadly to a perfectly good piston. I know a lot of the systems even come with a fuel injector to add even more fuel to the engine to keep it from going lean on the bottle. Of course there still is the issue of compression ratio, whether or not you have too high a compression ratio to begin with.

I wonder if there is anyone out there who has already done this that you could get some ideas from. I think I would be a little nervous trying this without some info on to make it work with a Z motor, unless you have an extra short block lying around to test it out on.

You do realize that nitrous is addictive don't you?? To your right foot that is!!

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Thanks for your comments, i've been in contact with a nos firm here in the uk which sounds quite professional and the cost is not too high, the kit sounds quite well put together and it starts off with 25hp boost at full pedal on the floor. if that goes ok you can upgrade the kit in 25hp intervals I will probably go for about 50hp to not over stress an otherwise strong engine.

Hopefully this will go on later this year finances allowing Doh.

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If you can start out at 25hp and work your way up that sounds great. It would be a shame to melt down a perfectly good motor. Just have to watch the plugs to make sure you aren't running to lean on the bottle and checking the spark advance to keep it from detonating.

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