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transmission gaskets


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I have a 75 automatic & I was looking thru my MSA catalog and saw that my car has 2 gaskets to be replaced when needed. 1 being a trans oil pan gasket & the other a rear seal gasket. I can take my car around the block & once I pull in my driveway, I see smoke coming from my trans when I look down thru the engine area. I only smokes when it is driven not when it's warming up. Are these gaskets fairly easy to replace in my driveway?

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is the tranny driping oil on the ground? What is the source of the smoke? Usually when the pan gasket or the tail shaft seal is leaking it will drip on the ground . There is a vacume shift connection on the side of the trans , check there for leaks. Its on the driver side it controlls the shifting. :classic:

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