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Is ZMBK104WS the correct rebuild kit for the FS5W71B


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Rock Auto says it's the right part but USA Standard Gear's site says it's for a Datsun pickup and makes no mention of any cars... I'm trying to make sure this isn't yet another case of confusion about the A/B/C models of the FS5W71.

Hoping someone out there has ordered this kit before and knows for sure!

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Yes. bought several. Cheapest by a long shot and EXACTLY what I got from a couple of other suppliers that just use the BK104WS part number. Brass synchro's for all five gears, works on all the 77-83 Z and ZX FS5W71 trans. Well except that goofy 5th gear synchro thingy in the 77-78 trans. (double exhaust hanger, short shifter ears, no reverse lock out case). No source for that thing no how.


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Thanks, I'm sure I've read at least one thread of yours about rebuilding this trans.  I'm just trying to keep what I've learned in one part of my brain and part numbers etc. in a nearby part of my brain.  Really appreciate the feedback, hopefully you get at least another month (or 2) of driving weather out there before the snow falls! 


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