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What can be done to the L26

Datman 260Z

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Hey Datman 260z here

wonderin if any of the people with 260zeds could help me decide if i should touch my L26 engine or just upgrade because i may be upgrading to the godzilla rb26dett but not totally sure if in the interim i should do up the L26

Is there are potential is so could i have some numbers

such as horsepower and 1/4mile et


datman 260z

1976 Datsun 260z 2+2

L26 stock :alien:

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well this is what i had on my L26, and it went aright for what it had

i had

240z carbs with k&N filters

6-2-1 extractors and 2 1/4inch exhaust

electronic distributer (skyline one i had)

R200 3.9 ratio rear diff

5spd box

and the engine was fully rebuilt, so it was quite strong

the engine wasn't fantastic, KW wise, but basically i killed any auto v6 commodore around, i even gave a good go to auto VN SS, but it had me at the top end.. over 140

id say it had around the 80-90RWKW mark, and was aright for what it was... it matters on what power you want, if you want anything over the 150rwkw mark, go for a rb engine, as it would be more worthwhile and more driveable, even a good rb20det with boost, cooler, and exhaust will get u 150rwkw no problem, but for a N/A L28 to get there, you need headwork, balancing, better ignition, a big cam, and possibly triple webbers, and it would be sucking fuel, but would sound cool.. hehe and it would still cost around 4-5k to build a good engine with that sort of power..

just matters on what ur budget is, and what u want from ur car..

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Depends also on the present condition of your L26. Unless it is a good one, which given the age is very unlikely, it seems pointless to spend much on it if you are thinking of a transplant engine later on. Even good L26 engines are not worth much if you intend to sell the engine later on.

Basically, do you intend to keep the car for a fair while and, if so, do you want lots of performance and are prepared to pay lots for it. If so, go for a RB25 or 26, you will eventually get far more bang for your buck than messing around with a L26 boat anchor.:geek:

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