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Which way does wiper rod connect to motor???

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Assuming the wipers were properly parked when the motor was last turned off, then the first picture shows the correct orientation. The stub arm is in line with the long arm, not doubled back as the seen in the last two pictures. 

To check after assembly, don’t put the wiper arms on the splines, just turn the motor on and watch it run. Turn it off and let it park. Then put a little masking tape flag on one spline in place of a wiper arm and turn on the motor, and watch the tape flag to see if its doing the right thing when running and when parked. THEN you can feel confident putting the real arms on and letting it run. 

I have in the past done this wrong, put the wiper arms on and had them crash into the wiper cowl spoiling a nice fresh paint job, so I always use the flag method after re-assembling this mechanism.

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