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Ignition problem on 77 280z


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Friends ... my 77 208z which I am trying to tune does not crank-up PROPERLY when ignition key is turned. It is sending very little current over to the starter. We have checked using a voltmeter and voltage drops.

The starter is fully rebuilt including a new solenoid. When u put a remote ignition switch between the battery and the starter and turn the ignition key the starter works perfectly and cranks up the engine fine.

Any suggestions what to look for between the ignition and the starter etc.?

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I assume you're talking about a drop in the voltage from the ignition switch to the starter solenoid? I have that problem on my 260Z. There was a 3 volt drop to the starter solenoid. My solution was to wire in a relay that was tripped by the 9 volts I have to the solenoid wire and then draw direct battery power back to the starter solenoid.

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Is it an automatic?  Nissan's diagram is poor but it shows a relay used for the automatic.  Might be a rusty relay.  I think that manual transmission cars just used a straight shot from the ignition switch to the solenoid.

Could also be the ignition switch.  Or the power supply to the switch.


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Yes mine is automatic. Looking at your diagram, seems like the two fusible links are in the electrical path. We probably changed one or both of these links and made it with a wire in the shop etc.

Should i get something from ebay which is close to OEM? what is the guidance on these two links if they need to be replaced?

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