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1974 260z No Spark from coil

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Lets try this again.

I have now wired up the ballast and coil as per manual. 

i get power only to the black/white at the resistor and when all wired and key on  no power to the coil.

is this an ignition control unit issue?

what should happen when i try to start the car? should power  then go from the resistor to the coil??

why would it not? bad ICU?

need some help here!!

looks  to be wired correct???

blue to neg blackwhite pos..  


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That sounds like a ballast resistor issue.  Power passes through the ballast resistor to the coil.  Measure resistance from the point that the W/B (white with black stripe) wire connects to the other two terminals.  When the key is on (IG) the longer path is used, during Start the shorter path is used.  But both paths should pass current.  The ballast resistors do fail.





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Ok. How exactly does the electronic ignition unit fit into this? Most people say if you have a good coil ( brand new) and hook it up properly as per manual and no spark - it’s most likely the electronic ignition unit.  If when the key is turned to power position the black white wire by the coil gets power , can it still be the electronic ignition unit??

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