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Hard fuel line routing 240Z.


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Do the fuel send and return lines go above the parking brake rod?  I am installing new lines from Classic Tube and of course now I can't remember if the lines routed above the parking brake, which would be a pain.  I could have sworn I had lines routing above, but perhaps it was brake or vapor.  

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Yes, I am referring to to the hand brake pivot rod.  I could have sworn some lines were in between the cabin and the rod or I saw a reference to this affect.  The bends in the lines certainly lend themselves to going below the rod.

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2 hours ago, jfa.series1 said:

My error. Your pic of the insulator/mount helped refresh me and I was able to locate a pic of my lines straddling the rod. The larger fuel supply line does run under the rod, the other three lines are above it. Sorry for the bad info.

Thanks for confirming!

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