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Which way to install new Nissan fuel punp?


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This 78 280z is the car I referred to with my EGR question earlier today.  The fuel pump had been removed but a new Nissan pump was in the car.  I checked it's part number and it is the correct one for this car.  That's a score because Nissan isn't giving them away!  The new pump does not have a pumping direction marked on it.  I suppose I could run some water through it to determine in what direction it pumped but I'd rather not do that to a new pump.  One end of it is flat and has no hose connections.  The other end has an extended nipple for a hose.  On top of the canister, near the flat end is the other hose nipple.  The electrical connections are both marked so I'm good to go with that.  Any idea which connection is the inlet and the outlet?  

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