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Soft Bump Stops

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I'm in the process of installing new Koni Yellows, Eibach progressive springs (23-4041) from MSA, and the rubber suspension kit from Car Source on my 73 Z.  Since the car will hopefully be about 1 ½" lower, I'm thinking I should add some bump stops, and don't want the hard poly ones (going for an old folks ride 😉). MSA only sells the hard ones.   I've seen other threads of soft bump stop talk, but no specific part numbers used. I called about the FatCat ones, but they mostly offer Miata advice.  Heard others use the Koni stops, but which one?  Koni strut shaft is .856" (21.74 mm), so I'm thinking the Koni one is the one used, right?  It's over 2" long, should I cut it down to about 1.5" ?  Anyway, just looking for some advice.

Thanks, Ken

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