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Painting the ZX

Reptoid Overlords

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So I finally got my engine/drivetrain how I want it, now it's time to make a mockery of auto body work. 

1st time prepping/painting a car.  I got some booth time and a bit of mentoring for some primer.  It's a Bondo machine that's for sure. I'm not trying to win any beauty pageants, just have some fun. I'll be happy if it's a 10 footer. 

Not much can be worse than it was before.










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About as good as I'm going to get it. I've got some coilovers from TechnoToyTuning on order.  Spendy, but I've just not been ok with the ride height. It's currently on Eibach loweing springs. Hope to get some Rota Shakotan wheels someday. For now, I'll just run it and enjoy it.





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Thanks!  Nothing to speak of.  I installed some T3 coilovers a few weeks ago, and put a few pictures on the what did you do with your Z thread.  I love them. Spendy, but it sure does zip around corners. 

I am driving it while it's still nice weather, then during the winter i will try to figure out wheel offset/tires and replace the turbo wheels. I'm thinking of Rota Shakotan or gold Rota RKR.

I did end up with a Honda scooter with a 70cc kit and a Mukini carb.






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