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EGR valve CA


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1977 Datsun 280z

The problem I'm having is that I have exhaust leaks in the manifold so I'm removing the intake manifold, but I've hit a wall at this darn EGR tube that refuses to come off.

Every video I've seen has just deleted the EGR system and removes the tubing by cutting it.

The problem with that is that I live in California. If I delete the EGR valve, would it cause it to not pass CA emissions? I don't know much about emissions testing and exactly what the EGR does, but I know I'd prefer to keep it. I'm giving it all a bath in penetrating oil but I've pretty much already rounded the nut at the exhaust manifold pretty well. My last hope is to get the larger top nut free, after finding a wrench big enough for it.


My question is then, if worst comes to worst, and I end up cutting this b* off, does anyone know if it would make it fail smog in California with an EGR delete?

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1977 Datsun 280z
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You won’t be able to pass emissions with that removed. You will have to remove it and replace it with another. In order to remove it it might be easier to take off the intake manifold to fit a larger wrench on the bottom of it (or a blapper) and remove it that way. Save the hardware because I’m not sure about replacement parts. Might have to make something up unless the tubes are available. 

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