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Radio Antenna Mount


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I have a fully functional factory original antenna that I''m offering for sell to a fellow Z owner.  His car is a 78Z.  The problem/question I have is that I don't know what year model my antenna come out of.  There are very few distinguishing markings on the exterior of the antenna...only a few numbers.

We have concerns that different year model antennas mounted to the car body in different ways, using different brackets.  I'll post 3 pictures...2 of my antenna, and one from my 78Z FSM.  It definitely seems from these photos that my antenna is not a 78 model, based on the bracket design.

I'm just looking for opinions on which year Z my antenna came from...and what it would take to mount it in a 78Z.  Thanks!




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Took a look inside the 78,  the antenna was gone although part of the mast and the finisher was still on the outside.

Here is a picture of the mount location and screw holes.  It looks like your antenna will work with its bracket and the diagonal screw holes located in the picture above the false floor support,   In any case, I have seen the earlier harada antennas mounted with common metal straps with holes to accommodate any difference. 

280 Ant mount holes.jpg

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It looks to me that the bracket on your antenna is upside down, if you flip it it will look like the images from your '78 FSM. The Nissan parts book shows part number 27350-N3600 for up to 07/75 and they only had one mounting screw on both the antenna and the mounting bracket. Part number 27350-N4250 & 27350-N4232 start 08/75 and are not backwards compatible, so I would assume that is when the change to two screw mounting, like yours , started.

Here is a picture of what mine looks like, it has a small single screw bracket that uses a wing nut to attaches to stud on the body. There a two types of single screw mounting brackets, mine has the earlier thin type.




Here is a good discussion about re-building antennas with lots of good pictures, mostly earlier than yours:


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Thanks for that thread reference...I really enjoyed reading through it.

I considered the possibility that my bracket, as shown in the photos above, was mounted backwards onto the antenna assembly.  However, check the photo I've included here...there are 2 holes on the bottom of the bracket...one for a screw, and one for the drain tube.  The hole for the drain tube includes 2 tabs that clamp the rubber hose into place.  So I don't think there is another way that this bracket can be oriented and still have those 2 holes function as intended.


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That makes sense, looks like the image in the '78 FSM is might be wrong. Is it 1978 that the change to the sloping floor in the rear deck was made? Maybe the "reversed" type bracket is to accommodate that. Just guessing, I have no experience with 280Z's.

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