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Carb linkages


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Hello back again unfortunately,

another issue. So while trying to stop all vacuum leaks on my engine, I took the balance tube of because the engine was I believe a 72-73 so it had the egr tubbing in it. I ended up using a balance tube from a 71 because it was simpler and less stuff to close up. One issue is that the linkages are messed up. I got it to be able so that when the linkage is at rest the butterfly valves shut. Only issue is the rod from the firewall to the crank bell is too short. Did the datsun’s have a different length rod or did I mess something up? If worse comes to worse I’ll just cut it and weld a piece to make it longer. I couldn’t find anything on it. 




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I'm sure you have adjusted the rod for length. Do you have the bell crank mounted the correct orintation? What about the pedl rod that goes through the firewall? Don't know how much you need , but that really does not matter as short is short. But the answer to your question is yes, there are different lengths. Your fix would be the way to go unless you are doing a concours car.

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