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Fuel and Oil Pressure Gauge Removal

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Recently acquired a series I car where the glass lenses for the fuel and oil pressure gauges are so loose that they ratter and lay against the needles so the gauges don't read properly. I want to get them out of the IP to repair, hopefully without pulling the IP or coming in from the passenger side through the glove box and destroying my glove box liner. Is it possible?

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Randalla, when I needed to get to the gage mounts, I found that removing the heater control panel allowed best access with no damage to glove box liner, or anything else.  You will need to remove the radio knobs, and the 3 heater control cables, one on the drivers side and two on the passenger side under dash.  When removing the heater control facia panel, the map light will want to fall out and hang by it’s power wire so just unplug it, but be aware that the wire lead is short and can be difficult to fish back out.  You can now pull the heater control panel out far enough to get behind the dash gages.  I use plenty of rags and masking tape on sharp edges so as not to scratch up the center console or anything else.  Let me know if this is helpful.

Also, this would be a good time to replace all of the gage light bulbs which you can find at Banzai motorworks if originality is important.



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