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Parts Wanted: AC High Pressure Switch (78 280Z)

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AC High Pressure Switch (78 280Z)

Wanted to Buy:  the high pressure AC switch that screws into the a/c receiver drier for a 78 280z. See attached photo of the part I'm looking for. In the photo, the protective black rubber boot has been pulled back to show where the two wires attach to the main body of the switch. As you can see, one of these wires has broken away from the switch due to corrosion and reattaching it is quite difficult.

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20 hours ago, siteunseen said:

@S30Driver isn't this the same part you and I talked about a couple of years ago? Didn't you figure out a workaround somehow?

You are correct Cliff.  The switch in the picture looks like an aftermarket one.  The oem switch has spade connections as opposed to the wires coming from the molded switch body.   Mine, one of the spade connections was broken off almost flush with the switch body and I was able to solder the connection to get it functional.  I eventually need to replace the air dryer and the switch, but am getting away with it for now.

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