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Ditributor Problems


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There have been numerous reports on the little plastic bearing holder underneath the distributor base plate getting old, brittle and eventually cracking. This is true whether the distributor is point or electronic.

The problem usually begins with a sticking advance as you are reporting. The new plates are available from Nissan. Sorry don't know the part number, I'll have to check the microfiche later, but the garage is currently in upheaval. Maybe someone else with access to their microfiche or if you have access to the cd microfiche available here then you can call Nissan and get the part new.

If you let it go until it breaks, then you'll think that your car died and needs a complete engine overhaul.

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thanks for the info-i removed the baseplate assembly and checked it out-all i had on there was (from bottom up) a 3 prong cage which houses 3 ball bearings,a snap ring that held it on, and then a plastic? shim,a metal shim with 3 high points on it, another plastic shim and then the points assembly-thats all that was there. am i missing some part or ?? thanks for your help-also, the microfish? where can i get that? thanks,kris

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Here's the URL for it, don't know if it will show up as a click through, but here goes:

This is the URL for the page that describes and allows you to order the CD or get a Demo



However, after getting a message from Mike, he lets me know that if you want to down load the Demo you need to use this link for the time being, he'll have it fixed in a couple days:


I personally have the true blue Microfiche that requires the viewer. Although I used this for years while in the service, I will admit that it is a major PITA. :(

I'm waiting for the accounting part of my marriage:rolleyes: to approve it but I'll be getting one on CD too. From what everyone says, much much easier and clearer.

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snoochee , midwestz is a sponsor here on our site. Check with Chloe . midwestz.com I just rebuilt my dist. and the braker plate was $45.53 . Personally I wouldent spend the money on a old dist with points. Mine is all electronic from a '79ZX and it is a great systime . Vary much worth the effort . The cost for your braker plate will be about the same I think . To answer the question on how hard it is to replace . Not hard at all , but you must pull the dist. . The thing is when it is rebuilt it will still have points and will still be running on 8volts and will require you to change points form time to time dipending on the miles driven. Ignitions with points are no longer used on any modern engines because they are just not as efficent.

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