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Stop Light Sensor override


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I'm putting in LED  Stop and tail lights, and would like to fool the warning display ( on the dash) into indicating  that the stop/tail lights are working correctly. The old incandescent bulbs draw much more current and the sensor detects this with a reed switch inside of a coil that is energized ( i think ) when the diagnostics run. I tried to override the sensor by shorting out the reed switch like  https://www.zdriver.com/forums/280zx...u-280zx-30644/ but that is not working. Has anyone else replaced the tail lights with LEDs and reworked the sensor to ignore the lower current draw, and illuminate the "OK" light on the dash ? 

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I haven't installed LEDs on Datsuns, but having done it for other modern vehicles, I just typically install resistors inline with the harness that mimic the return current of an incandescent bulb. Most newer vehicles use computers to monitor / measure return current, and it works fine with fooling them. 

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Ya I could put a resistor in parallel. Kinda defeats one of the advantages of LEDs. Maybe the sensor does not sample the current from the light all the time and only does it when the check button on the dash is pressed .... hmmmm I'm also thinking of gluing some neodymium magnets to the coil to have the reed switches always closed 

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