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Cleaning gas tank


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If I take the gas tank down to the radiator shop and have the inside washed out(acid bath? Not sure yet what they use.), do I still have to coat with the Por 15 product, or just leave as is? The tank has no leaks, just a bunch of varnish(no rust) from sitting for twenty years and the varnish is constantly plugging the electric fuel pump filter. Thanks, Victor.

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If they use some sort of acid to get the garbage out, yes, I'd put some type of sealer in it as the acid is going to etch the metal and take off any type of sealer that might have been there in the first place. It's going to rust much faster if it is etched with an acid than it would if they just steam cleaned it.

If you are going through all the trouble to remove the tank and have it cleaned, it's probably best to seal it with one of the selaers on the market, you should never have to worry about it again and you'll have piece of mind that this is one think that won't cause problems down the road. No sense it taking the tank out a second time if it does cause problems with surface rust after you have it cleaned.....:ermm:

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