Parts for Sale: Hitachi KM-1520ZC AM/FM Radio

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    Hitachi KM-1520ZC AM/FM Radio

    Correct for 1972 & 1973 240z but will fit in a 1970 and 1971.

    Includes face plate.

    Black Knobs TBD (I have to check parts boxes. They were bagged separately)


    Works fine. The following all work correctly:

    • AM
    • FM
    • Lights (2 internal back lights and green on)
    • Tuning
    • Programming Stations
    • Tone
    • Volume
    • Antenna Motor Switch
    • off/on switch


    • greased sliding parts (correct silicone grease)
    • pots cleaned (Deoxit)
    • dust removed
    • plastic gently cleaned and polished
    • painted new silver highlights

    Chip in one mounting hole, frayed power wire end.

    • Advertiser
    • Date
    • Price
    • Category


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    I believe I have one. More on Tuesday when I get a chance to get back into the shop.

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