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I'm going to go look at this unknown year Datsun truck this afternoon. The seller is a person of few words. And what words are utilized are often misspelled.


They say "did I mention the transmission is out". Not sure if that means it's in the bed or gone completely.


Assuming everything is there, and rust is at least manageable, how much are these trucks in this state worth?


I don't have high hopes, but it's something to do on a Friday afternoon after work. 1b85c10522a82e8cd5db227b3f94365c.jpg


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 I'm going to say around $600.00 - $800.00 depending on condition. Don't know your height but I'm 5'7" and my knee would hit the bottom of the steering wheel (with seat back all the way) whenever I put my foot on the brake pedal. It got to be kind of a PITA after a couple of years.

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