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I'm new.

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Welcome to the club Chris!

Do you have yourself a Z car? If so, what is it! Post some pictures in the gallery if you like... If not, WHY NOT! ROFL

I hope you enjoy it here, there is HEAPS of info here if you look in hte right places (search is a good place to start).

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Awesome, this looks great, seems like there's a good atmosphere on this site and everything looked good before I registered. I do spend a lot of time on www.northwestnissans.com enough already but now that I'm more interested in Z's I'm sure this will be my second home and I look forward to meeting a lot of you. I don't have a Z but I'm in the search for a 240Z as of right now, I want to build mine after the 240ZG from Japan with the G Nose front and overfenders.

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That being the case, you'll be looking for "one or two" parts.

Wish you luck.

That Ozzy Guy knows all the suppliers.

Welcome to the club mate, If you need advise just post your question-------SOMEONE will provide the answer. After all, we're ALL nice blokes here.


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Yeah, there are two things I'm worried about... 1. headlight covers for the G Nose and 2. fender mirrors. Other then that I have everything set. I've posted a question and found people on this forum to be very helpful so far, I've also been finding some real good information using the search function. :classic:

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Zedd Findings can get a few sets of the fender mirrors.... but be ready as the price is rather high... almost 400 for a pair.:disappoin

The mirrors are the one thing that is getting very hard to find and very expensive to get... the rest of the stuff is fairly readily available as there are suppliers for the over fenders and even the G-nose...

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