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Jeff Berk

e-fuel pump wiring cut

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Hi all,

My electric fuel pump is not getting power. There is power in the black/white wire off of the 2nd relay and I can trace power to the body harness connector next to the right side of the passenger seat. From there, it should go back to the pump but it never makes it. There is also no continuity from the body harness connector to the fuel pump connector. 

Given the option of either pulling out the wiring harness from under the interior panels or just splicing in a wire at the body harness connector and running it to the pump, which would be better? How much of the interior would have to be yanked to uncover the defective harness?

Note that the car still runs with just the mechanical fuel pump but the pressure is less than 2 psi and the engine is running rough.


260z February 1974


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I would lean toward removing the interior panels and looking for the break in the wire. The plastic trim panels can be removed by pushing the center pins through the rivets. Of course, it can be a challenge to find the center pins afterward. If you search around on this site, I'm sure there are useful tips on removing other panels. 

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I decided to run a temporary wire to test the pump and to get the car running again with the intention of removing, inspecting, and re-wrapping the wiring harness over the winter. I re-wrapped several of the other wiring harnesses in the Z and found several melted wires that way. It turns out that the new pump works on the temporary wire but I wasn't getting enough pressure to easily start the car. That was resolved by replacing the mechanical fuel pump this past weekend. 

Thanks for the input.


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