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280z complete harness and more

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I have some S30 parts from a parts box that I don't need anymore.

280z alternator(nearly new)                                     - 30$
280z external voltage regulator (even newer)       - 10$
280z thermostat housing with sensors                  - 30$     Sold
S30 dash clock                                                            - 40$
S30 Temp and oil pressure guage                            - 30$
280z charcoal canister                                                - 20$
280z light/turn signal combo switch                         - 80$    Sold

280z ECU A11-601-000                                                 - 50$

280z complete injection harness with ECU, AFM and ballast resister, uncut from running car- 200$

280z 76 vacuum bottle   - 20$

280z Ac bracket w/ pulley      - 40$

280z starter                               - 50$

280z 77 distributor                   - 40$

280z relay bracket                     - 20$

280z taillight set (will be cleaned)                 - 100$

see anything else in the picture you want let me know


Parts located in 95926, Willing to ship for prices above + real shipping price








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