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    I have owned two 'ZX's. One '83 back when I was a young Marine, I bought it used in 85 and owned it till 94. I now have a '79 that I bought from an old man, and I am currently restoring's about 80-90% done now...I would be glad to publish pics if you would like...

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  1. IDK, I'll let you know...soon though. I had some like them on an 83 XZ that I had back in the day. I have a 79 I'm restoring and I hate those factory wheels and hubcaps...anyway, I'll be in touch. Also, I just live across the river in Dothan, Alabama....not from here though, moved down here a couple of years ago when I got out of the Marine Corps...I;m disabled and spend most of my time on the helps me wit my PTSD. Thanks again bud!
  2. Do you still have any of this?
  3. Hey dude, do you still have these? I live in Dothan, Alabama...moved down here a couple of years ago from Nashville. Thanks!
  4. Ron Buchanan


    What kind of paint do you typically use to paint these covers with? Thanks dude...