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Figure 8 Seal (jet block assembly) solex 44phh

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Im having a bit of trouble figuring out how to replace a figure 8 seal that is supposedly under the jet block assembly? This is for a Solex 44phh carburetor i believe is type 5. Apparently the figure 8 seal isn't listed on the main blow up diagram. 


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To change the o-rings, the centre tower must be removed.  A screw on the bottom of the carb secures it.

The o-rings seal the centre jet tower to the body. The idle and main circuit emulsions flow through the seals.



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Thanks for reply, 

do you know which screws it is? Is it only one? Is it right underneath the area where the jet assembly block is? Do I need to remove the pump diaphragm to gain access? I think I remember seeing it but not sure 


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If you remove the pump housing, one larger phillips (JIS) screw hold the jet holding block assembly in.  It's always a tough screw for me.  Probably my least favorite on the carbs.  When you install it again, put a tiny bit of grease on the threads.  Cheers

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